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Brian & Mandee Loudermilk

Brian and his family started serving on the mission field of Tanzania, Africa in February, 2013. Their heart is to see people be radically changed by the power of the gospel. They are involved in many projects that are impacting the region. The Loudermilks believe in having a strong relationship with the local church and partnering with them in ministry. Below are the following ministries they are currently investing in. 

Email: brokenforafrica@yahoo.com


We have partnered with a local church and Ekklesia International to pioneer this new project to take back the streets of Moshi, Tanzania. This project targets the prostitutes and aims to restore dignity, love, respect, vision, hope, and wholeness.


Phase 1: A street team takes to the streets late into the night to bring the love of God and the good news of hope to these ladies.

Phase 2: As they receive Jesus as their Savior and express desire for true change, they are invited to start a year-long program at our home: House of Victory. Here at their new home, they will receive love, health care, vocational training, discipleship, and classroom instruction (Teen challenge course studies, parenting, financial management, and English language classes).

Phase 3: These beloved women are release back into the community or will be hired on as staff. Our heart is they will be released as world changers. We will assist in finding vocations and continued support for them.Currently, we have ten beloved ladies and four young children living at House of Victory. We also have been able to send four of the ladies’ older children to school. Once we renovate the back house, we will have additional room for fifteen more ladies to start the program.


Village Project:

We travel into the underdeveloped villages and give children hope through the good news of Jesus. We teach them biblical principals to help them in life. We also teach basic medical to the children and their families, such as Malaria testing, wound cleansing, teeth cleaning, and bodily hygiene. The Village Project also focuses on building relationships with the children through play, hugs, and love. In one of the villages, we have a continued weekly Bible study helping kids know God, experience God, and grow in God.

Break the Chains:

We lead this project that partners with the local church to reach the forgotten youth at the juvenile prison. Once a week, we travel to the prison and love on these young people. We play games, paint nails, and just hand out. Each visit, we also bring someone who can share how God changed their life, brought them hope, and empowered them to live the right way. Currently, there are 20 youth inside the prison and 15 have received Jesus as their savior. We are training them up now and are taking them through the book of Romans. We have seen some of these youth healed from physical and emotional issues.

Light Your World:

We work with students from New Life Foundation and train them up to impact their own culture, community, and country with the love of God. We train them to be effective ministers of the gospel through drama, singing, puppets, teaching, games, and acts of service. These are world changers who, upon graduation, will return to their villages all around Tanzania, including unreached remote villages, and affect their village with the good news. The students not only receive classroom and biblical training, but also are taken out weekly for practicums.



We believe that as ambassadors of God’s love, the church iscalled to care for the widows and orphans. We have had our hearts broken for the little ones with out families. We are in the process of adopting Kamila Love Loudermilk. We received Kamila from a baby home when she was just 3 months old. Now she is 9 months. We have plans of adopting other children from Tanzania as well.

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