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Sandra Carroll

Sandra has a burning desire to see transformation. She longs to see hearts, lives and whole regions transformed through prayer and a demonstration of the glory of God. Sandra has been called to encourage and partner with others to pursue a greater intimacy with Jesus. She would like to see God’s people pursue Jesus with whole hearts, souls and minds.


Sandra is a mentor and spiritual mother to the young Filipino women being raised up in the church body. She is also a friend and worker to the FI team. She desires to be an expression of God’s love to missionaries who labor in the field and to the lost. She is called to be a vessel of God that His light and His love could flow through.

The team has begun planning and preparing to start an orphanage in 2010. Their hope is to do more than just meet the physical needs of orphans and street children. They want to become a community of family to those who don’t have family. There will be a place for widows and unwed pregnant girls. They will have a school and develop a farm to provide food, life skills and training. Sandra intends to work closely with this part of the ministry. She will be a “mama” to many.

Sandra is in need of prayer and monthly financial support. She will also be raising funds for the building and developing of the orphanage. Your support in prayer and financial gifts are an investment in the lives of Filipino women and children.


Email:  smncarroll@gmail.com

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