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Kevin & Amber Cracknell

Children: Caleb, Riley & Brody

For the past 7 years we have been missionaries in the Philippines. We have ministered in the small village of New Carmen alongside our team for six years. In the past, the community would scavenge through the dumpsite to sell whatever could be recycled. Their houses were built out of garbage and sat directly on top of the active dumpsite. The people were considered the “untouchables of the Philippines.” By the power of the Blood of Jesus, we now have a thriving community of more than 50 families that have been relocated out of the active dump to a nearby piece of land. We have helped start a church plant and an elementary school called His Mission Academy that is educating over 50 children. Former Bible Students have been raised up out of the team’s Discipleship Training Center to help our fellow team members continue teaching and ministering at New Carmen.


This year God is leading our family to a smaller island in the Philippines called Samal Island, where we’ll help team members start a Pregnancy Rescue Center/Orphanage called “Hope For All Children.” Our heart is to take in all that come, not turning any away. A team member received a word from the Lord that would define this vision: Adopt All, Rescue All, Feed All, Save All, Hope for All Children! Hope For All Children will be established on a 40 acre farm where we’ll help start Agricultural and Animal Husbandry work for the purpose of training, funding and feeding Hope For All Children. 

Adopt All – Our heart is to take in the unwanted and orphaned children, and train and equip faithful families to do the same.
Rescue All – We have become aware of human trafficking in the Philippines and abroad, and would like to make others aware of it as well. As God leads, our heart is to become involved in rescuing children out from it.
Feed All – We will have a regional feeding program for the malnourished children.
Save All – Our hearts are to save the unborn children from abortion. We are starting a Pregnancy Rescue. Through the “PR,” young mothers who would have been forced to have an abortion can have a place of safety and provision throughout the entire duration of their pregnancy.

Kevin, Amber, Caleb, Riley, and Brody Cracknell

Email:  kevincracknell@mac.com

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