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David & Rachael Lyons

David & Rachael Lyons, are both graduates of FIRE School of Ministry, married in August of 2008. Before this, David was a missionary with FI, serving in the Netherlands for 4 ½ years. There he worked in schools across Europe sharing the Gospel, and ministered in the Red Light District of Amsterdam.

God began speaking to them about Peru even before they married. Finally in July of 2011, they moved to Lima, Peru, with another family with FI to work with an already-established ministry. For their first year, they helped with shoe distributions to needy kids, leadership training, and church plants, and also focused on learning the language and culture.

For the last five years, David and Rachael have focused on two facets of ministry - working with nationals to build up the Church and working in the Colca Canyon region of the southern Andes mountains.  

For over four years David and Rachael have worked within the leadership team of a local church in Lima.  Here they have worked with the team to help lead the church (not the main pastors) and basically doing whatever has needed to be done - preaching, teaching, worship teams, Sunday schools, administrative helps, etc.  Also they have worked to support and encourage local ministries actively involved  in the community to win the lost and do discipleship.  

In Colca Canyon, their hearts are to encourage the few believers and churches there are in the villages, to help win the lost, and to help train and equip local believers to do the work of the ministry.  This has included frequent trips and phone calls, radio and television programs, and getting the Word of God into their hands.

These are just some of the ministry areas David and Rachael have been involved in, but their hearts are for God to do much more and they are willing and excited to do whatever He may place before them! They strongly believe that they will see a move of God in this nation very soon and hope to be a part of it!

Email:  wdlyonsjr@yahoo.com


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