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Sasagu & Junko Yoda - Japan

Since 2011, they have been serving as pastors of Okinawa Christian Center, which is a very warm, family oriented church Sasagu’s parents had pioneered about 30 years ago. 

Their desire is to be a bridge between the church and the community, internationals and Japanese, and among different groups of Christians. They believe that the church can be a great blessing to the local community by becoming a part of it, and bringing the Kingdom of God to the city and then to the nation.

Through their ministry in Japan, they want to raise up a generation of young people who are deeply grounded in the Word of God, growing in their gifts, and learning the way our Daddy communicates with every individual in a unique way, to impact the nation of Japan, and go to the end of the world.

Email:  snowwhitejn@hotmail.com

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