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Brian & Stephanie Forbes

"We fix broken hearts and parts."

We come alongside ministries providing practical solutions to everyday problems. This builds a trust between us that enables those in ministry to openly communicate what is in their hearts. We see freedom come as Jesus guides us in healing lives. These times of refreshing are great morale boosters offering the edge needed to effectively minister.

It is a privilege to share Jesus’ love and encouragement with those on the front lines in a way that few can. The help we offer saves ministries thousands of dollars. When ministries don’t have to pay labor for repairs they can put the money toward equipment safety and supplies to tell others about Jesus. Your support will help keep ministry doors open.

Our heart is to serve missionaries, ministries, camps and churches. We are willing to travel to locations around the world where my fix-it skills and Steph’s nursing skills are needed. We hope to solve some of the physical needs which frustrate ministries.


Email: bylifeorbydeath@yahoo.com


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