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Frank and Bobby Pot are the pastors of FIRE Church Netherlands. Frank is also the director of the FIRE School of Ministry Europe. They have 5 beautiful children: Raphaela, Levi, Destin, Misael and Liberty-Grace. They homeschool their children and pioneer a homeschool movement in the Netherlands. 


Shortly after giving their lives to Christ in 1997, they heard about the revival in Brownsville, Florida. With hearts yearning for more of God, they attended the revival. The revival set their hearts ablaze and they moved to Florida to attend the Brownsville Revival School of Ministry, which later became FIRE School of Ministry. After graduating from FIRE School of Ministry, they returned to Holland as FIRE International missionaries with a desire to bring the revival fire to Holland and Europe. FIRE Holland was founded and they began preaching about revival, organizing prayer gatherings, and facilitating summer schools. 

In 2000, at The Call in Washington DC, God gave Frank a vision of gathering the nation for a solemn assembly according to Joel 2:15. In 2008, the prayer movement from across Holland came together for 12 hours of prayer and fasting for their nation. Again in 2012, more than 3000 people joined together to humble themselves and pray and seek God’s face! The Dutch media called this day of prayer “historical”. Leaders from major denominations came together to reconcile and ask for forgiveness from God and from each other – an unprecedented event in the history of Holland! 

In 2009, Frank and Bobby desired to start a full-time Bible school but God had other plans at that time. After seeking God about opening a Bible school, God spoke to Frank and Bobby through several leaders that now was the time to start a church. 
With a devoted team, the first FIRE Church NL service was held in January 2010. God has called the people of the FIRE Church NL into a deeper commitment towards each other and ministry to others. 
In 2012, God showed Frank and Bobby that now was the time for their long-treasured desire, to start a full-time Bible school. God supernaturally opened doors to accommodate the school, and ambassadors like Daniel Kolenda promoted FIRE School of Ministry Europe. Students desiring more of God are coming to be trained as world changers for God’s kingdom!

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